I have been waking up this week to frost on the ground outside. It's exceptionally beautiful, and I can't quite believe that only a couple of weeks ago I was in the woods with Exposing40 and Honey, taking photos of the fabulous leaves (among other things) for my 40th. I love the warmth they bring... Continue Reading →

Almost 40

I really wanted to join in with the age thing going round on Twitter last week, which was utterly fabulous, but I couldn't find a photo I was completely happy with. You see, it couldn't just be any photo, not when I'm turning 40 in, *checks notes*, less than three weeks. I didn't have one... Continue Reading →

Autumn Harvest

As I write this the sun has broken through after a torrent of rain this morning. It feels rather apt as I was unable to post yesterday after taking unwell (why yes I HAVE been watching too many period dramas) and I am just beginning to start feeling somewhat human again. I have a new... Continue Reading →


I've had a really busy week of appointments this week, and then yesterday I came down with a tummy bug. So you'll have to make do with a slightly blurry photo this week of my latest 'trying not to go mad with boredom' activity. It's not even a good photo. Really. I'm definitely going to... Continue Reading →


I have an upstairs bay window, which I love, for many reasons. I get lots of sunshine, which is wonderful for photography, and for my mood, especially when I am in a lot of pain and stuck here for longer than I would like. I also love it because I can lie on my bed,... Continue Reading →


I've been really struggling with my voice lately. I feel like there is so much to say, and nothing I can say at the same time. Having a voice is important to me, but so often I prefer to stay on the sidelines, watching and listening and having all the conversations in my own head... Continue Reading →

Water Baby

When Honey wrote on my belly that I was a water baby, she was absolutely right. I've loved water all my life. I grew up by the sea, so learning to swim was a must, and we swam every week in the pool and during the summer we sailed every week too. I even joined... Continue Reading →


The older I get, the more I feel like misbehaving. I grew up in a household of rule followers, and dutifully followed them all. I never went through much of a teenage rebellion. I didn't even like alcohol. I avoided doing anything 'bad' and went along with every prescribed course - which is how I... Continue Reading →


I love the way water feels on my body. The sensations cascade over me and all my edges, calming my overactive nervous system. My attention is narrowed to nothing but the hypnotic path it draws over my skin, its temperature and caress. I become lost.

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