Water Baby

When Honey wrote on my belly that I was a water baby, she was absolutely right. I've loved water all my life. I grew up by the sea, so learning to swim was a must, and we swam every week in the pool and during the summer we sailed every week too. I even joined... Continue Reading →


The older I get, the more I feel like misbehaving. I grew up in a household of rule followers, and dutifully followed them all. I never went through much of a teenage rebellion. I didn't even like alcohol. I avoided doing anything 'bad' and went along with every prescribed course - which is how I... Continue Reading →


I love the way water feels on my body. The sensations cascade over me and all my edges, calming my overactive nervous system. My attention is narrowed to nothing but the hypnotic path it draws over my skin, its temperature and caress. I become lost.


I've been feeling very confined lately (and not in the good way). My pain and fatigue levels have been really high over the past few weeks, and I have been struggling to get out of bed and move around. My mood has been tanking as a result. It's hard to see the point in existing... Continue Reading →

The Kindness of Strangers

Ever since I decided to join Twitter (well, create a new anonymous NSFW Twitter handle, anyway), I have been blown away by the kindness I have experienced from all the tweeters I have encountered. I have had some amazing interactions, not just wonderful, stimulating and fun conversations (though they have been delightful of course) but... Continue Reading →

I am

Over the last couple of weeks a lot of new equipment has found its way into my home. Railings have been placed up the stairs, a riser attached to the toilet. I have a new wheelchair which whilst new, is still the most basic, standard NHS chair you can imagine, (though I'm grateful for its... Continue Reading →


In an update to the orgasm issue; I am sad to report that my Zumio is broken. Due to my difficulties with vibrations, the thing has only been lightly used at most over the last few months, and yet it was often the best option for me given that it was the lightest, and the... Continue Reading →


One of the most famous words in Portuguese that doesn't translate into English very well is saudades. It is also the one that is perhaps most needed, as it means the feeling of 'missing'; usually someone, or something (my translation). Instead of talking about an absence, as we do in English, the Portuguese speakers have... Continue Reading →


I've had a really long, tough week. Physically it has been draining. I am trying to reduce my pain medication so that I can orgasm again, but that is triggering fairly severe pain flare ups in my hip (bursitis? sciatica? who knows), which affects my sleep and my rest. I've also been working towards various... Continue Reading →

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