The older I get, the more I feel like misbehaving.

I grew up in a household of rule followers, and dutifully followed them all. I never went through much of a teenage rebellion. I didn’t even like alcohol. I avoided doing anything ‘bad’ and went along with every prescribed course – which is how I have ended up approaching forty with a sense of wanting to bust out of the neat little box I managed to get myself into.

Just before I got sick, I was starting to find ways to do that. I was stepping outside my comfort zone (hello gin and tonic!) in lots of exciting ways (it wasn’t just alcohol, I promise!) and discovering me. And then – I got sick.

I fully intended to continue taking risks. I was going to be bold and adventurous. What I have discovered however, is that it is bloody hard to find ways to take risks when your body holds you back.

I was exceptionally delighted then when Honey offered to bring some of that bold adventurous spirit to me. We had a delightful day this week exploring the wonder of painting on skin (along with a good natter of course!)

(thank you to @ht_honey for painting and photographing me!)

There is something truly powerful about having words inscribed on your body. These are the kinds of labels that I am absolutely ok with. Writing words on someone else was equally wonderful. Not to mention incredibly fun (I can recommend the therapeutic nature of a belly laugh).

I think there will be lots of other ways I can find the bold and the adventurous, and I am grateful to friends for helping me.

Right now I am delighting in the promise of beautiful things to come.

Sinful Sunday

14 thoughts on “Skin

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  1. I love this and what it means for you.
    All you’ve went through and to still want to be bold and adventurous.

    I hope you can find more ways to do so in the future and that you will get better so you can not worry about what you do. ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. This photo is just incredible. You’re right, there is something powerful and magical about having words written on you. I’m glad you’re still finding ways to be bold and have adventures even when your body is making that hard.

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  3. This is so beautiful, it makes my heart swell that you are joyfully being you after so long following “the rules”. I spent 25 years of my life trying to be a “good girl”, spoiler alert; I failed 😀
    And visually, such a beautiful image captured of a meaningful, deep, fun, delightful experience.
    Oh, and hot, I forgot to mention the hot bit too 😉

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