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I have always loved my hands. I have long fingers, and at one time they were strong too, and able to do amazing things.

I loved playing the piano (and the viola, and the saxophone). I loved using them to make things, sewing, or painting, crafting, baking, gardening. Fucking.

These days my hands are painful. After a day of use they can freeze, and I struggle to move my fingers at all. As I go to bed they are buzzing and tingling, and they ache. I often can’t even manage to scroll on my phone or type messages. Even as I type this my fingers, hands and wrists are hurting.

I started knitting again this year. I thought maybe I could manage a weather scarf, which just needs two rows a day to record the weather. (I am using old wool, I figured it wasn’t worth using anything special until I know whether I can do it). I am about two weeks behind though, I haven’t been able to knit every day. Some days I can only do a single row.

I haven’t given up though. I am hopeful that my fingers might get stronger. My legs seem to be improving a little, so why not my hands and arms too?

Sinful Sunday

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    1. Thank you! In all honesty I was a bit cross that I wasn’t able to get enough light to take it without noise, but it was the only option this morning. I have been having some success with varying my knitting technique to use different muscles. The Norwegian style has been very helpful.


  1. I think trying a little every day, when you can is a good approach. I wanted to take up knitting but didn’t get very far, I think perhaps I should try again because really would love to be able to knit some things. Especially if it means I can include it in my photos because I love your image. Cosy knitting and boobs, what a fab combo.

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    1. I learned as an adult, so it is definitely possible! I also found this week that the Norwegian style of knitting is a lot easier than the English style. Thank you! 🙂


    1. I didn’t learn till I was an adult. I also learned the Norwegian style of knitting this week which was a lot easier I thought!


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