Sometimes I find myself struggling with feelings of ‘not enough’. Not just the background hum of ‘am I enough?’, which I have worked hard to banish as much as is possible, but a feeling of there not being enough of what I need. I am hungry for life, and living, and connection, and love, and time.

Time. I am always so acutely aware that it is running out. The hardest part is wanting so much to make the most of every minute of it, but instead being forced to watch on helplessly as it ticks by, while I am rendered immobile.

It is easy to buy into the scarcity mindset. I find the antidote is finding as much joy as I can in the small moments that are possible, like – lying naked in the long grass and wildflowers growing under the kids climbing frame.

I am saying yes to what IS possible. Even if that makes the neighbours frown.

Sinful Sunday

13 thoughts on “Enough

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  1. IF, they frown, they are idiots. But I strongly suspect they won’t.

    Once again, you’ve supplied us with a beautiful image and vulnerable thoughts. I treasure both and feel connected to you.

    Time is tricky; a moment can feel like hours if you experience it fully. I’m thinking you do.

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  2. Living in the moment is not easy. Being present and fully present especially is difficult in modern life. So many distractions. Enjoy the feel of the sun
    Or the cool of the rain.

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  3. I’m sorry you feel that way you look very beautiful if I was only about 28 again. Please try to love yourself. I wish you luck. -🤩🤩🤩


  4. You are young and beautiful and extremely gifted in so many ways. I’m not going to accept your fears of time. You have so very much ahead of you that’s good.

    I think my best and most productive years were in my 50’s.

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