Rhythm and Range

I experienced a caning for the first time exactly one week ago. Apart from a brief (and excellent) introduction to a variety of impact toys from Pointy in July during which she showed me its tap tap rhythmic potential, this was a first for me, and luckily I was in good hands. Four of them,... Continue Reading →


Then a big thing happensand your body changes.You've got a new body.New body bits.And your mind struggles to know it. Michael Rosen I read an amazing poem this week by Michael Rosen, which is all about how it feels to live in a body that has changed. Our bodies are changing all the time of... Continue Reading →


Last week, I tweeted this: "Sometimes when my life feels small and boring, and I feel like I have no power or autonomy, I open the hidden folder of photos on my phone and remember that I am brave and bold and wild beyond imagining." Living with chronic illness for the most part is an... Continue Reading →


I didn't immedietly love this photo when I first took it. It can be difficult sometimes, when I am not strong enough to hold the camera or my body just so, to get the photo I am aiming for, and this was one of those moments where I couldn't quite get there. The more I... Continue Reading →

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