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For a very long time, from my first ever climax to approximately two years ago, orgasms came easily. I rarely struggled to come, and there were times I was able to do so quickly when I wanted to, both with my partner and without. It was also relatively easy for me to time them, to... Continue Reading →


It's been a month since I've been able to have a bath. I am missing it terribly, in part because I love being in water, and in part because it was one of the very few ways I had to rest other than lying in bed. It's also been a month of extreme stress, wondering... Continue Reading →


I know that this is not strictly within the rules, as it is not an erotic image, but this is where I was today and is at least 50% of my life at the moment. Maybe more. I wanted to try for a scavenger hunt image but unfortunately there weren't any opportunities without nurses in... Continue Reading →


I was scrolling Twitter this week when I cam across this thread by a sex educator discussing the issues that arise for people raised in purity culture. I was surprised at how many of them applied to me. Lack of connection to own body. Above average terror of STI's. Misinformation about sex. Vulval pain. Shame... Continue Reading →

Dreaming of Spring

With February comes hope for the spring, and so my first photo for FebPhotoFest2023 is this one from last year. It is sorely needed. I am ending January with yet another infection, the kind that makes me want to tear my hair out. I had grand plans to begin a mindful, calm and slow yoga... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary

Dear Diary  January I don’t want to waste any more time. Bodies are so amazing, they can do such amazing things, but you never know when they will stop working, and mine is already half beat. I don’t want to waste any more of the time I have being ‘good’ and following the rules. I... Continue Reading →

My Voice

I took this picture for the chair prompt week, and didn’t post it. Not because it wasn’t ready, or it didn’t fit the theme, but because I was having a mini wobble about my photos and their suitability for Sinful Sunday. The truth is, I looked at everyone else’s amazing work and I didn’t feel... Continue Reading →


CW: mental health/suicide I have days, with this disease, when I feel deeply suicidal. When the frustration and pain and loss is all too much, and I feel so low that I begin to wonder if the dysfunction in my body is reaching my brain, turning my synapses against me and making me self-destruct horribly,... Continue Reading →

I am not ok

I am so very not ok. This is not going to be a fun or popular post. I have been dreading writing it for weeks, hoping that waiting might make it go away. The truth is, I was beginning to feel some measure of hope again, gradually building towards a slow but meaningful and connected... Continue Reading →

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