Last week, I tweeted this: "Sometimes when my life feels small and boring, and I feel like I have no power or autonomy, I open the hidden folder of photos on my phone and remember that I am brave and bold and wild beyond imagining." Living with chronic illness for the most part is an... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I find myself struggling with feelings of 'not enough'. Not just the background hum of 'am I enough?', which I have worked hard to banish as much as is possible, but a feeling of there not being enough of what I need. I am hungry for life, and living, and connection, and love, and... Continue Reading →


Every time I think I am beginning to make progress, something puts me right back here again.


A couple of weeks ago, I passed my first twitter anniversary as mywildlens. It has been a wonderful, life-changing experience, and despite my continued disability I feel like a completely different person now to the one I was last year, without colour or life. In part, I wanted to reconnect with my body, to learn... Continue Reading →


So if you’ve been the recipient of my longing lately then I’m sorry ... it's just the build up of repressed desire seeping out of my cracks like air from a balloon on the cusp of bursting.


I have always loved my hands. I have long fingers, and at one time they were strong too, and able to do amazing things. I loved playing the piano (and the viola, and the saxophone). I loved using them to make things, sewing, or painting, crafting, baking, gardening. Fucking. These days my hands are painful.... Continue Reading →

Hot Tub Thoughts

I have always had a very vivid imagination. As a child that needed to frequently escape my surroundings I learned to live in my head, developing a rich fantasy life that became very adult the moment I read my first sex scene in a novel. Since then, my imagination has always played a huge part... Continue Reading →


I've had a really busy week of appointments this week, and then yesterday I came down with a tummy bug. So you'll have to make do with a slightly blurry photo this week of my latest 'trying not to go mad with boredom' activity. It's not even a good photo. Really. I'm definitely going to... Continue Reading →

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