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I know, I know, all my photos are in the bath. I have been spending a lot of time in there lately, and what with the house move and a plethora of infections and relapses I've been having to stay very, very still. It's no fun, staying still. I much prefer the joy of movement,... Continue Reading →


I have been very much enjoying discovering the joy of teasing over the last few months. Nothing makes me grin faster than knowing I have made someone squirm, wriggle and frown, and it has been delightful discovering the various ways I can do it. It is the 600th Sinful Sunday, and although I haven't been... Continue Reading →

Rhythm and Range

I experienced a caning for the first time exactly one week ago. Apart from a brief (and excellent) introduction to a variety of impact toys from Pointy in July during which she showed me its tap tap rhythmic potential, this was a first for me, and luckily I was in good hands. Four of them,... Continue Reading →


Then a big thing happensand your body changes.You've got a new body.New body bits.And your mind struggles to know it. Michael Rosen I read an amazing poem this week by Michael Rosen, which is all about how it feels to live in a body that has changed. Our bodies are changing all the time of... Continue Reading →

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