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I took this picture for the chair prompt week, and didn’t post it. Not because it wasn’t ready, or it didn’t fit the theme, but because I was having a mini wobble about my photos and their suitability for Sinful Sunday. The truth is, I looked at everyone else’s amazing work and I didn’t feel... Continue Reading →


Then a big thing happensand your body changes.You've got a new body.New body bits.And your mind struggles to know it. Michael Rosen I read an amazing poem this week by Michael Rosen, which is all about how it feels to live in a body that has changed. Our bodies are changing all the time of... Continue Reading →


Last week, I tweeted this: "Sometimes when my life feels small and boring, and I feel like I have no power or autonomy, I open the hidden folder of photos on my phone and remember that I am brave and bold and wild beyond imagining." Living with chronic illness for the most part is an... Continue Reading →


A couple of weeks ago, I passed my first twitter anniversary as mywildlens. It has been a wonderful, life-changing experience, and despite my continued disability I feel like a completely different person now to the one I was last year, without colour or life. In part, I wanted to reconnect with my body, to learn... Continue Reading →


I've had a really long, tough week. Physically it has been draining. I am trying to reduce my pain medication so that I can orgasm again, but that is triggering fairly severe pain flare ups in my hip (bursitis? sciatica? who knows), which affects my sleep and my rest. I've also been working towards various... Continue Reading →

Radical Honesty

I feel like I’ve made a choice recently to step back a bit from my life, and from my community. It’s not that they aren’t nice, well-meaning people who probably do care about my wellbeing. It’s more that they aren’t the kind of nice, well-meaning people who are comfortable confronting reality.  My reality is, in... Continue Reading →

Bank Holiday

Yesterday was my first #bankholidaybumday. It was also my first time ever participating in an nsfw twitter hashtag. It felt equally exhilarating and terrifying. I loved the genuine lovely feedback from fantastically supportive tweeps and at the same time found myself feeling nervous about every view from someone I didn't recognise or wasn't connected in... Continue Reading →


39 is a really fucking awful year to get a disability that affects your sex life.  This time last year I was just beginning to feel myself. I had spent my twenties sorting myself out (mini therapy plug!) and my thirties in the midst of new parenthood, but by March 2020 I had started a... Continue Reading →

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