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I know it isn't Friday, but I love this image. Parts of me seem determined to escape the net. Who is going to net me? PS - yes I know I also forgot the purple prompt. *facepalm*


I've been doing a lot of growing lately. Growing is hard. You have to be willing to lie under the soil for a while, in the cold and dark, but it is oh so sweet to see those shoots finally begin to peek up through the soil.


CW: dysmorphia I'm still learning to love my boobs. There was a time, some years ago now, that I hated them so much that I wanted them removed. They didn't feel right for me, and I just needed them gone really really badly. They didn't fit the image I had of myself, the one that... Continue Reading →


One of the most famous words in Portuguese that doesn't translate into English very well is saudades. It is also the one that is perhaps most needed, as it means the feeling of 'missing'; usually someone, or something (my translation). Instead of talking about an absence, as we do in English, the Portuguese speakers have... Continue Reading →

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