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First Time

The first thing I notice is the cold. It runs down my back in sharp juxtaposition to the warm caresses of his fingers, shocking me into drawing a sharp breath. My muscles tense as I follow its path, down my back, around my buttock and up again, and again, and this time the other buttock,... Continue Reading →


I was scrolling Twitter this week when I cam across this thread by a sex educator discussing the issues that arise for people raised in purity culture. I was surprised at how many of them applied to me. Lack of connection to own body. Above average terror of STI's. Misinformation about sex. Vulval pain. Shame... Continue Reading →

Rhythm and Range

I experienced a caning for the first time exactly one week ago. Apart from a brief (and excellent) introduction to a variety of impact toys from Pointy in July during which she showed me its tap tap rhythmic potential, this was a first for me, and luckily I was in good hands. Four of them,... Continue Reading →

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