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My Voice

I took this picture for the chair prompt week, and didn’t post it. Not because it wasn’t ready, or it didn’t fit the theme, but because I was having a mini wobble about my photos and their suitability for Sinful Sunday. The truth is, I looked at everyone else’s amazing work and I didn’t feel... Continue Reading →


A couple of weeks ago, I passed my first twitter anniversary as mywildlens. It has been a wonderful, life-changing experience, and despite my continued disability I feel like a completely different person now to the one I was last year, without colour or life. In part, I wanted to reconnect with my body, to learn... Continue Reading →


So if you’ve been the recipient of my longing lately then I’m sorry ... it's just the build up of repressed desire seeping out of my cracks like air from a balloon on the cusp of bursting.


I've been doing a lot of growing lately. Growing is hard. You have to be willing to lie under the soil for a while, in the cold and dark, but it is oh so sweet to see those shoots finally begin to peek up through the soil.

Hot Tub Thoughts

I have always had a very vivid imagination. As a child that needed to frequently escape my surroundings I learned to live in my head, developing a rich fantasy life that became very adult the moment I read my first sex scene in a novel. Since then, my imagination has always played a huge part... Continue Reading →


I've been really struggling with my voice lately. I feel like there is so much to say, and nothing I can say at the same time. Having a voice is important to me, but so often I prefer to stay on the sidelines, watching and listening and having all the conversations in my own head... Continue Reading →

Water Baby

When Honey wrote on my belly that I was a water baby, she was absolutely right. I've loved water all my life. I grew up by the sea, so learning to swim was a must, and we swam every week in the pool and during the summer we sailed every week too. I even joined... Continue Reading →


I've been feeling very confined lately (and not in the good way). My pain and fatigue levels have been really high over the past few weeks, and I have been struggling to get out of bed and move around. My mood has been tanking as a result. It's hard to see the point in existing... Continue Reading →

I am

Over the last couple of weeks a lot of new equipment has found its way into my home. Railings have been placed up the stairs, a riser attached to the toilet. I have a new wheelchair which whilst new, is still the most basic, standard NHS chair you can imagine, (though I'm grateful for its... Continue Reading →


In an update to the orgasm issue; I am sad to report that my Zumio is broken. Due to my difficulties with vibrations, the thing has only been lightly used at most over the last few months, and yet it was often the best option for me given that it was the lightest, and the... Continue Reading →

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