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For a very long time, from my first ever climax to approximately two years ago, orgasms came easily. I rarely struggled to come, and there were times I was able to do so quickly when I wanted to, both with my partner and without. It was also relatively easy for me to time them, to... Continue Reading →

First Time

The first thing I notice is the cold. It runs down my back in sharp juxtaposition to the warm caresses of his fingers, shocking me into drawing a sharp breath. My muscles tense as I follow its path, down my back, around my buttock and up again, and again, and this time the other buttock,... Continue Reading →


Every time I think I am getting back on my feet, something else comes along to knock me down. I feel like this in every conceivable way. I need to catch a break.


I know it isn't Friday, but I love this image. Parts of me seem determined to escape the net. Who is going to net me? PS - yes I know I also forgot the purple prompt. *facepalm*


I have always been a keen observer. Perpetually on the edge of things, at one time it was a survival strategy. An attempt to make sure I didn't say or do the wrong thing, that thing that would make my parents or my neurotypical peers look at me strangely, laugh, or get upset. I wasn't... Continue Reading →

My Voice

I took this picture for the chair prompt week, and didn’t post it. Not because it wasn’t ready, or it didn’t fit the theme, but because I was having a mini wobble about my photos and their suitability for Sinful Sunday. The truth is, I looked at everyone else’s amazing work and I didn’t feel... Continue Reading →

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